How do I change or cancel my order?
If you picked the wrong color or size, or want to change or cancel your order, you can click the link in your order email to view your order, then click the Change Order or Cancel Order button to make the change!

Why did my ship date change?
We do our best to give you the best estimate possible on when your order will arrive at your doorstep. These are, unfortunately, only estimates and not guarantees; sometimes things outside our control – like inclement weather, delays with the postal service, and other related problems – can extend the time it takes for you to get your order. In these cases, we update the shipping date on your product to give you a better estimate on when you can expect the order.

How long will it take for me to get my order?
Shipping your order from our facility to your doorstep typically takes about two to three business days, and we strive to have every order delivered to you by about five business days after you placed it.

Will the products shrink after washing?
The products we print on come pre-shrunk to minimize shrinkage.

How are the products printed?
Depending on how many people have ordered a product, we use either a screenprinting process or a high-quality direct-to-garment printing process.

Why did the sale start over again?
Normally, we end the sale of a shirt after the timer counts down to 0. Sometimes, though, if the shirt is selling really well or really fast, we continue the sale so that everyone can get in on the design!

How is my personal information protected?
We’re extremely careful when handling your personal information to make sure it’s not accessible by any third parties. Credit card data is transmitted to us via SSL. The data is immediately relayed to our payment gateway and then discarded. Credit card data is never stored in our database (not even temporarily) and it exists in memory on our server for only a fraction of a second before it’s discarded. As a convenience to you, we do store the last four digits of a credit card and the expiration month and date so that you may select a credit card to use at checkout.

Are there any differences in delivery times for orders outside the US?
Most locations in Canada take about the same amount of time to be delivered as orders inside the US, with perhaps slight time increases due to customs clearance.

Unfortunately, orders shipped to remote locations in Canada or far outside the US often require an additional 1-3 business days for delivery. Customs clearance times are unfortunately variable, so some orders may take up to a total of 20 business days for delivery.

How are shipping charges calculated for deliveries outside the US?
Shipping charges for orders delivered outside the US are calculated in U.S. dollars during the checkout process, separately from any taxes. There are no additional charges upon delivery.

I use a currency other than USD; what actual price will I pay?
The actual amount that gets charged to your account if you’re not using a credit card in US Dollars is determined by the exchange rate used by whomever issued the credit card, such as your bank. If you contact them and ask about their current USD exchange rates, they should be able to help you work out the final total